Inuktun VT100 MicroMag Crawler System

Inuktun VT100 MicroMag Crawler System

Pine Item #55454

The MicroMag robotic inspection vehicle is compact, waterproof and magnetic.   It can be rapidly deployed for many applications that exclude most ordinary ROV's.   It has been engineered to deliver vivid color imagery in real-time while travelling almost any direction on ferrous metal surfaces.   This unique remotely operated device is steerable on vertical, horizontal and inverted surfaces even when piloted underwater.   


Remote controlled

Compact and portable

Waterproof / submersible

Magnetic adhesion on ferrous metal

Operates vertically and inverted

Vivid color video front and rear

Intuitive software interface

Familiar joystick controls

High reliability

Low total cost of ownership

Quantity must be 1 or more
Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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Technical Specifications

Depth Rating30 m (100 ft)
Maximum Tether Length300 m (1,000 ft)
Maximum Speed9 m (30 ft) per minute
Vehicle Payload5 kg (11 lb)
Front Facing CameraInuktun Spectrum 45™
Rear Facing CameraInuktun Onyx™
Operating Temperature0 °–50 °C (32 °–122 °F)*
Vehicle Weight8.5 kg (19 lb)
Pipe Range200 mm (8 in) minimum, 450 mm (18 in) maximum**
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