Water Samplers

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

The Global Stormwater Sampler is designed specifically to meet many stormwater sampling requirements. The stormwater sampler takes a "first flush" or discrete sample in one bottle and a "time-weighted" composite sample in a second bottle. The SS201 functions as two stormwater samplers in one: it consists of two intake tubes, two peristaltic water sampling pumps, and two water sample bottles, thus eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination between the discrete and the composite sample. The Global Storm Water Sampler is easily set up and installed in any stormwater channel to take and store physical water samples throughout storm events. Everything you need is provided for a successful stormwater management sampling program.

The Global Stormwater Sampler consists of the following features:

  • a rugged, rainproof, lockable carrying enclosure
  • two 4,000 ml polyethylene sample bottles for the first flush and composite samples
  • two peristaltic water sampler pumps
  • a control panel enclosed logic timer/controller
  • two 15' nylon sample pickup hoses with removable debris strainers
  • a water sensor with a 15' cable
  • a 5 AH rechargeable gel cell battery
  • a battery charger
  • a 4" cylindrical rain gauge (with mounting bracket and screws) that meets US Weather Bureau specifications, or
  • a rain gauge that automatically drains once every 24 hours (with mounting screws).

A water sensor controls each of the stormwater samplers. The water sensor can be used to trigger a sample based on a preset rainfall accumulation (by positioning it in the included rain gauge) or raised water level in a storm drain.

Total rainfall for storm events can be measured by the rain gauge. Both sample bottles are equipped with float switches that automatically turn off the sampler pumps if the bottles become full.

The sampler is not damaged by water or moisture or severe environmental conditions. All of its parts may be washed with soap and water.

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