GTS Community/Perimeter Air Monitoring System (CAMP)

GTS Community/Perimeter Air Monitoring System (CAMP)

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Community/Perimeter Air Monitoring System (CAMP) implementation is being required by regulators, stakeholders, and site operators more frequently to assist in the protection of off-site recipients to potentially hazardous air. Typical air quality monitoring plans require the monitoring of aerosol, toxic gas, and/or VOC monitoring during construction, demolition, and excavation of potentially contaminated property and structures. Pine's GTS Air Monitoring System is engineered to provide the air and meteorological monitoring data during a variety of project activities.

Pine's customers are able to customize their monitoring stations to fit their project work. Pine is capable of incorporating a variety of power and alarming options, including solar and wind power supplements, as well as strobe and audible alarming. Monitoring stations are typically enclosed in NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosures and mounted on tripods or other mobile mounting options.

If telemetry is not required for your facility and the GTS Air Monitoring System is more than you require, Pine provides a basic option. Our Basic option is our most economical monitoring station, but remember the data management and real-time data information is not available. Power and alarming options are still available, however, text and email notifications are only available through our advanced GTS Community/Perimeter Air Monitoring System.

Contact Pine and allow us to work with you on your GTS Air Monitoring System. Our application specialist will help engineer a solution that works for your monitoring requirements.

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