GTS  Meteorological System
GTS  Meteorological System

GTS Meteorological System

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Pine's Global Telemetry Solutions (GTS) Meteorological System is customizable to meet the needs of a variety of industrial applications. Meteorological information, gathered and monitored in real-time, can better help scientists understand the effects of weather on their studies. Often times weather events impact planning or process decision making. Pine's GTS Meteorological System can provide a level of information that may impact processes or planning. Alarms and alerts can be created to help the consultants be made aware of high wind velocity or rain levels that impact project executions. Pressure gradients and changes in the atmosphere may impact the potential for site conditions to change rapidly. Having an understanding of these conditions will allow for better decision making and time management, moving your project and your client closer to remedy and avoid dangerous weather conditions.

The remote monitoring stations can be built with customized power and alarming options and Pine will work closely with our clients to provide the best mounting for site-specific conditions. In addition to the real-time toxic gas and noise data collection, meteorological data can be incorporated to provide real-time rain, wind, and pressure information that helps understand the conditions at the site during the monitoring events.

Contact Pine and allow us to work with you on your GTS Meteorological System. Our application specialist will help engineer a solution that works for your monitoring requirements.

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