Labino Trac Pack Pro

Labino Trac Pack Pro

Pine Item #55070

The Labino Ultra Violet lamps are based on two key components; Labino DUV-35W Gas Discharge Bulb (MPXL-technology) and Labino Trigger-Ballasts (Electronics). The unique interface technology between these key-components creates unbeatable output performance per feeded Watt. All UV lamps have three important distinctions, Floodlight, Midlight or Spotlight. The Floodlight has a wide distribution angle (45 °), leaving a large projection area. Midlight has 20 °. The unique Spotlight has a very focused (3.5 °) highly intense beam and will excite a fluorescent media from several hundred meters. This versatile product improves, simplifies and speeds-up most UV applications as well as creating totally new possibilities.



Durable and user friendly design\r

Gas discharge bulb technology: no filament - shockproof unaffected by magnetic fields low heat generation\r

start full power in 5-15 seconds: can be\r

UV-irradiance/feeded watt: ext

Quantity must be 1 or more
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Technical Specifications

Voltage12-24 VDC
PowerInput: 44-46 W
BatteryLead absorbed acid 12V 7 4 Ah
Running Time/Charge1.2h
Recharge timeapprox. 5h
Mechanical Stability (bulb)IEC 810
Service Life (bulb)approx. 2.000h
WavelengthUV-A peak at 365mm
IrradianceUV Spotlight: >50.000 µW/cm² = at 30cm
NULLUV Floodlight: approx. 3.500 µW/cm² = at 30cm
Start-up TimeStarts immediately full power after 5-15 secs depending on temperature of bulb
Material in housinganodized aluminium plastics PA6-30


Luminary Unit905.5"1.2 kg"2.3m (cable length)
Battey/Electronic Unit905.5"4.4 kg"2.3m (cable length)
Cigarette lighter cable length590.51.5m


Luminary Unit-2.6 lbs
Battey/Electronic Unit-9.7 lbs
PSU Unit5.1 lbs2.3 kg