GE DMS 2 Thickness Gauge
GE DMS 2 Thickness Gauge
GE Inspection Technologies

GE DMS 2 Thickness Gauge

Pine Item #54272

The DMS 2 is the solution to your test problems dealing with corrosion inspections- even, and especially, when it comes to handling demanding and critical test tasks - for example on coated components or at high temperatures.


Automatic recognition of all dialog probes for optimum instrument setup and performance, as well

as for the documentation

Enhanced single-element mode for the connection of several probes, also for precision thickness


Automatic probe zeroing for the precise setting of the instrument to different probes and test


Minimum-capture mode with increased pulse repetition frequency for the display and storage of

the minimum reading

RF display mode, four automatic band-passes, selectable display update rate and much more

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Technical Specifications

Operating principleUltrasonic pulse-echo method
Probe zero adjustmentAutomatic or manually by pressing a key after coupling to zero block
Measuring Range DMS 2E.025 to 25.00 (0.6 mm to 635 mm) DMS 2 and DMS 2TC: .008 to 25.00 (0.2 mm to 635 mm) in steel, in standard operation, depending on t
Operating frequency32 Hz in MIN-Capture mode and B-scan display mode; 4 Hz or 8 Hz (selectable) in standard setup
GainAutomatic or manual in 1 dB steps
Receiver bandwidth0.5 to 15 MHz
Material velocity range39,400 to 393,662 inches/s 1000 to 9999 m/s
Power supply4 standard batteries (AA 1.5 V), AlMn or NiMH batteries
Operating timeWith NiMH batteries min. 40 hours (with backlight and operating frequency 4 Hz)
Operating temperature10 °F to +120 °F -10 °C to +50 °C
KeypadDust and watertight sealed membrane keypad Housing / battery compartment Impact-resistant, dust- and splash-proof gasket-sealed, IP 54
Display graphictransflective LCD, 71 mm x 95 mm, 240 x 320 pixels, switchable backlight, adjustable contrast
Digits4-digit display, digit height
File formats8 file formats (3 with the DMS 2E); can be configured later Microgrid: subsequent insertion of 2×2 to 9×9 grid per measuring point; 1 to 16
Manuals, Data Sheets & Software

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