Cygnus DIVE Underwater Gauge
Cygnus DIVE Underwater Gauge

Cygnus DIVE Underwater Gauge

Pine Item #54760

With its bright, very large, AMOLED display the Cygnus DIVE is simple to operate, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements, underwater.   Depth rated to 300 metres.

Available with data logging, topside, HelmetView™ and twin crystal probe options.

MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator - this is a feature exclusive to the Cygnus. When using the DIVE Gauge in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes, MSI™ confirms when a reading is stable by turning the thickness measurement numbers from red to yellow.


Depth rated to 300 metres (1,000 ft)

Wrist-mountable, giving the diver a free hand

A-Scan (selectable)

Data logging – stores 5,000 measurements and A-Scans

“Auto-Log” – no log button to press

AMOLED display, easy viewing from all angles for diver and camera

Multiple-Echo, error- checked measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick

Single-Echo – for use on uncoated surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion/ pitting

MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator – exclusive to Cygnus, confirms a stable reading in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes

Echo-Echo – for use on painted surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion/ pitting (through up to 0.5 mm paint)

HelmetView™ – optional remote display.

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Technical Specifications

Display:2.8 quarter VGA colour AMOLED (320 x 240 pixels) Large clear thickness measurement (15 mm high numbers) viewable from all angles A-Scan
Battery:Single 3.6V Li-ion 8.2 W battery 11 hours continuous measurement Low battery warning alert message
Measurement Modes:Multiple-Echo (three back-wall echoes) using Single Crystal (zero-degree) probes automatically ignores surface coatings and measures only me
Deep Coat:In Multiple-Echo mode allows measurement to be made through thicker coatings of suitable materials of up to 20 mm thick
Accuracy:±0.1 mm (±0.004) or 0.1% of thickness measurement whichever is greatest when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments calibration
Probes:Single Crystal probes: 2.25 MHz 13 mm (standard) S2C 2.25 MHz 19 mm S2D 3.5 MHz 13 mm S3C 5.0 MHz 6 mm S5C Twin Crystal probes: 2.0 MHz 13
Probe Cables:Double outer jacket in tough PU. Coloured yellow for easy locations underwater. Coiled for ease of use. Fischer S105 series connectors.
Measurement Ranges:Multiple-Echo (through coatings) with Single Crystal probes: 2.25 MHz = 3.0 to 250 mm 3.5 MHz = 2.0 to 150 mm 5.0 MHz = 1.0 to 50 mm Echo-
Measurement Resolution:0.1 mm - Low resolution mode or measurement >99.95 mm 0.05 mm - High resolution mode and measurement <100.0 mm 0.01 mm - Single-Echo mode on
Measurement Units:mm or inches
Probe Zero:Fully automatic probe zeroing for all probes types
V-Path CorrectionAutomatic V-Path correction for all Twin Crystal probes
Velocity Range:2000 to 9000 m/s in 1 m/s setps
Pulser:Twin channel 70 V spike pulser
Receiver / Amplifier:10 MHz bandwidth 120 dB range automatic TCG 60 MHz measurement time-base
Datalogging:One-handed automatic logging of stable measurements. Capacity for up to 5000 points including 640 point A-Scan data.
Data Output:RS-485 single pair half duplex for surface connection
Computer Software:CygLink v4 allows remote logging and viewing of A-Scan graphs. Survey and report generation to PDF file. Graphic analysis of data and stati
Manuals, Data Sheets & Software

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