YSI 600 XL Sonde- 6 Sensor BCR-M

YSI 600 XL Sonde- 6 Sensor BCR-M

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The YSI 600XL is an economical logging system for long-term, in situ monitoring and profiling. It will log all parameters at programmable intervals and store 150,000 readings. At one-hour intervals, the instrument will log data for about 75 days utilizing its own power source.

Optical sensor port provides a multipurpose platform

Field-replaceable sensors for quicker maintenance

Easily connects to data collection platforms

Anti-fouling wipers on optical sensors extend deployment times

Compatible with YSI 650 Multiparameter Display System

Flow cell available for pump-through applications

Horizontal measurements in very shallow waters


Dissolved oxygen


Specific conductance


Total dissolved solids (TDS)



Redox (ORP)


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Technical Specifications

Available SensorsTemperature, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (Rapid Pulse Polarographic Only) pH, ORP, Depth (shallow, medium, shallow vented)
Operating EnvironmentMedium: fresh, sea, or polluted water Temperature :-5 to +50 C for most sensors Depth: 0 to 200 feet (61 meters)
Storage Temperature-40 to +60 °C for sonde and all sensors except pH and pH/ORP -10 to +60 °C for pH and pH/ORP sensors
MaterialPVC, Stainless Steel
Diameter1.65 inches (4.2 cm)
Length21.3 inches (54.1 cm) with no depth; 23.3 inches (59.2 cm) with depth
Computer InterfaceRS-232C, SDI-12
Internal logging memory size384 kilobytes (150,000 individual parameter readings)
Power4 AA-size Alkaline Batteries or External 12 VDC
Battery LifeApproximately 30 days at 20 C at a 15 minute logging interval with temperature, conductivity, pH/ORP, and Rapid Pulse DO with a 60-second DO warm up time active. Battery life is heavily dependent on sensor configuration and is given above for a typical sensor ensemble. If you have a different sensor configuration, set up your sonde for a deployment in the Run|Unattended menu and check the projected approximate battery life.
WeightUS: 1.48 lb. Metric: 0.67 kg
Manuals & Data Sheets

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