UE Systems Ultraprobe 9000 Acoustic Leak Detector
UE Systems

UE Systems Ultraprobe 9000 Acoustic Leak Detector

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Versatile and easy to use, the Ultraprobe 9000 is a complete digital ultrasonic inspection and information storage/retrieval system. With the acoustic isolating headphones and frequency tuning, background noises such as machinery and plant are filtered out making it easier to pinpoint any leaks. The range of quickly interchangeable modules as well as the balanced pistol-grip design make the Ultraprobe 9000 useable in a wide variety of situations and perfect for many different tasks.


Bearing and Gear box trending/testing

Pressure and Vacuum leak detection

Valve and Steam Trap testing

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Technical Specifications

Range120dB dynamic range
ConstructionCoated Aluminium and ABS plastic
Response Time<10 milliseconds
Memory400 storage locations
SensitivityAble to detect 0.005\" (0.127mm) diameter leak at 5psi (.34bar) from 50 feet (15.24m)
ProbesTri-sonic Scanning Module and Stethoscope Module
IndicatorsdB Frequency 16 Segment Bar Graph and Battery Monitor
BatteryNiMH Rechargable
Frequency Range20 kHz to 100 kHz (tunable in 1 kHz increments)


Zero Haliburton Aluminium Carry Case15 x 22\" x 7\"\"(38.1 x 55.9 x 17.8 cm)


Zero Haliburton Aluminium Carry Case14lbs 6.4 kg
Pistol Grip Unit2lbs 0.9kg