Olympus IPLEX LT Videoscope 6mm x 7.5m or 8.5mm x 10m
Olympus IPLEX LT Videoscope 6mm x 7.5m or 8.5mm x 10m
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Olympus IPLEX LT Videoscope 6mm x 7.5m or 8.5mm x 10m

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Weighing only 2.7kg, the industrial videoscope IPLEX LT combines overwhelming portability and reliability with advanced features - achieves best balance between ease-of-use and performance. The probe diameter is 8.5mm.

Equipped with a removable Li-ion battery, the IPLEX LX and LT models are ready for use wherever the inspection takes place. Whether the operator is crawling in confined spaces or working stationary in an aircraft hangar, the IPLEX LX and LT keep the size small without sacrificing features or functionality.

Despite being only 227 mm (8.9 in.) wide and 189 mm (7.4 in.) tall, the IPLEX LX and LT integrate a surprisingly large 6.5 in. monitor for exceptional visibility, whether at arm's length or across a workbench. At less than 100 mm thick including the pivoting handle/stand, the IPLEX LX and LT can be worn, stand upright, or be fastened to a tripod or mounting arm for operation in practically any environments.

With their intuitive icon-based menu system, the IPLEX LX and LT require minimal or no training and can be easily operated by users of any experience level. Almost every menu and feature can be accessed by a maximum of three presses on the quick-access control buttons. And the TrueFeelTM scope tip articulation achieves easy and precise control.

The 6mm x 3.5m model is available within Europe, whereas the 8.5mm x 10m version is available to the North America region.


8.5mm diameter / 10.0m length (North America model)

6.0mm diameter / 3.5m length (Europe model)

2 x Li-Ion Battery

External Charger

Carrying case

AC adapter


Memory Stick

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Technical Specifications

Recording MediaUSB flash drive (1 GB standard compatible with recommended USB flash device).
Operating Temperature - Insertion TubeIn air: -25 ºC - 80 ºC (-13 ºF - 176 ºF) In water: 10 ºC to 30 ºC (50 ºF - 86 ºF)
Waterproofing Insertion TubeOperable under water with viewing tip adapter attached. Not operable underwater with stereo measurement tip adapters
Output ConnectorRCA composite video output
Power SupplyBattery: 10.8 V nominal. IV84 and IV86 Series: over 120-minute operating time. IV88 Series: over 100-minute operating time. AC power: 100 V
LCD monitor6.5 in. daylight-view LCD anti-reflective type
Image Controls5 X digital zoom 8 step brightness control
Video RecordingRecording Format - AVI MPEG-4 format. Can be played on Windows Media Player.\n\nSize of a single image - Approx. 500 KB per second (Approx.)
Still image RecordingResolution - NTSC: H 640 x V 480 (Pixel) PAL: H 768 x V 576 (Pixel)\n\nSize of a single image - Approx. 300 KB (Approx. 3400 images per 1 GB
OverlaySelectable 30 character title with date time and system setting.
DimensionsUS: 9.4 x 8.5 x 3.9 in. Metric: 239 x 215 x 99 mm

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