Olympus Epoch 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Olympus Epoch 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Olympus Epoch 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
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Olympus Epoch 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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The EPOCH 600 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector combines Olympus' industry leading conventional flaw detection capabilities with the efficiency of a highly portable, intuitive instrument. The EPOCH 600 flaw detector's blend of efficient menus and direct access keys allows you to take advantage of the highest quality flaw detection platform with exceptional ease of use.

The large, full VGA transflective display combined with our patent-pending digital high dynamic range receiver provides a stable, striking A-scan representation in any lighting condition. Available in two hardware configurations, the EPOCH 600 offers you the choice to adjust parameters with a knob or with a navigation area on the keypad. The EPOCH 600 is designed to meet the requirements of EN12668-1 and allows a full range of standard and optional flaw detection features. The rugged, ergonomic design allows use in nearly any inspection environment, while the flexible PerfectSquare™ pulser and digital filtering capabilities can tackle nearly any application.


Designed to meet the requirements of EN12668-1

PerfectSquare™ tunable square wave pulser

Digital high dynamic range receiver

Eight digital filters for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio

2 kHz PRF for rapid scanning

Knob or navigation pad adjustment configurations

Large full VGA sunlight readable display

Long battery life supporting lithium-ion or alkaline batteries

Standard dynamic DAC/TVG and onboard DGS/AVG

2 GB MicroSD memory card for data transfers and storage

USB On-The-Go (OTG) for PC communication

Optional analog output

Alarm and VGA outputs

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Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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Technical Specifications

LanguagesEnglish Spanish French German Japanese Chinese
Transducer connectionsBNC or Number 1 LEMO
Data storage50000 IDs onboard removable 2 GB MicroSD card (standard)
Battery typeSingle lithium-ion rechargeable standard
Battery life12 h to 13 h (lithium-ion) 3 h (alkaline)
Power requirementsAC Mains: 100 VAC to 120 VAC 200 VAC to 240 VAC 50 HZ to60 Hz
Display typeFull VGA (640 x 480 pixels) transflective color LCD 60 Hz update rate
Display dimensions (W x H Diag.)117 mm x 89 mm 146 mm (4.62 in. x 3.49 in. 5.76 in.)
PulserTunable Square Wave
PRF10 Hz to 2000 Hz in 10 Hz increments
Energy settings100 V 200 V 300 V or 400 V
Pulse widthAdjustable from 25 ns to 5000 ns (0.1 MHz) with PerfectSquare™ technology
Damping50 100 200 400 O
Gain0 to 110 dB
Maximum input signal20 V p-p
Receiver input impedance400 O ± 5%
Receiver bandwidth0.2 MHz to 26.5 MHz at -3 dB
Digital filter settingsEight digital filter sets standard (0.2-10 MHz 2.0-21.5 MHz 8.0-26.5 MHz 0.5-4 MHz 0.2-1.2 MHz 1.5-8.5 MHz 5-15 MHz DC-10 MHz)
RectificationFull-wave Positive Half-wave Negative Half-wave RF
Horizontal linearity± 0.2% FSW
Vertical linearity0.25% FSH amplifier accuracy ± 1dB
Reject0 to 80% FSH with Visual Warning
Amplitude measurement0 to 110% full screen height with 0.25% resolution
Measurement rateEquivalent to PRF in all modes
Measurement display locations5 locations available (manual or auto selection)
Gate 1Thickness Soundpath Projection Depth Amplitude Time-Of-Flight Min./Max. Depth Min./Max. Amplitude
Gate 2Same as Gate 1
Echo-to-EchoStandard Gate 2-Gate 1
Other measurementsOvershoot (dB) value for DGS/AVG ERS (equivalent reflector size) for DGS/AVG AWS D1.1/D1.5 rating (D) Reject Value
DAC pointsUp to 50 points 110 dB dynamic range
Special DAC modesCustom DAC (up to 6 curves)
Curved surface correctionStandard OD or Bar correction for Angle Beam measurements
DimensionsUS: 9.3 x 6.6 x 2.76 in. Metric: 236 x 167 x 70 mm
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