Olympus 37DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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Olympus 37DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The 37DL plus Ultrasonic Thickness gauge is the perfect NDT rental instrument. An advanced digital gauge combining powerful measurement features with sophisticated data acquisition and output capabilities, the 37DL is ideal for applications involving pipes, tanks and other metal structures subject to corrosion or erosion. The 37DL plus gauge can be used with a wide variety of dual and single element transducers - our range of dual element transducers feature automatic probe recognition to provide maximum gauge performance for each transducer. The 37DL plus can also use EMAT transducers for couplant-free measurements on oxide scale applications and is also compatible with our complete line of Microscan single element, direct contact, delay line and immersion transducers ranging in frequency from 2 to 30 MHz. and recalls 16 default and 10 custom Microscan transducer setups can be automatically recalled from memory, making the 37DL capable of non-corrosion applications involving materials such as plastic, fibreglass, composites, rubber, castings and glass.

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