Olympus Vanta VCR Series Handheld XRF Analyzer
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Olympus Vanta VCR Series Handheld XRF Analyzer

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Olympus Vanta VCR Analyzer is our most advanced handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) device. These rugged, powerful, and intuitive instruments provide rapid, accurate element analysis and alloy identifications to customers who demand laboratory-quality results in the field.

Vanta handheld XRF analyzers are some of the toughest devices Olympus has ever made. Their rugged and durable design makes them resistant to damage for greater uptime and a lower cost of ownership. With intuitive navigation and configurable software, the Vanta series are easy to use with minimal training for high throughput and fast return on investment. Olympus™ innovative Axon technology means Vanta analyzers give you accurate results and help boost productivity no matter the environment or working conditions.

  • Exceptional durability under extreme conditions
  • Analytical excellence
  • Optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® for real-time data sharing
  • Intuitive user interface

Rugged: Working conditions can be tough on electronic devices often causing breakdowns that cost time and money. VantaTM analyzers are durable for increased uptime and a low cost of ownership. The Vanta series are drop tested using U.S. Department of Defense methods (MIL-STD-810G) reducing the risk of damage and costly repairs when a device is dropped or jostled. And with an included three-year warranty you can be assured that we stand by the ruggedness of Vanta analyzers. Vanta devices are also IP65* rated dust and water resistant to protect against the hazards found in even the most challenging environments. Able to withstand a temperature range of -10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F) at full duty cycle Vanta analyzers ensure you achieve 100% uptime without wasting time waiting for your analyzer to cool even in hot environments.** The detector shutter on C and M series models helps prevent punctures so you can analyze rough surfaces with confidence.

Revolutionary: Every circuit contour and interface of Vanta handhelds is engineered to be the best of its kind. Vanta analyzers incorporate Olympus’ new AxonTM technology a breakthrough in XRF signal processing that delivers accurate and repeatable test results. Axon technology uses ultra-low-noise electronics enabling higher X-ray counts per second and faster results. Coupled with a new quad-core processor Axon technology makes Vanta analyzers remarkably responsive pushing the limits of performance so you get the best results in the least amount of time. Axon technology provides both test-to-test and instrument-to-instrument repeatability. Whether it’s your first test on your first analyzer or your thousandth test with your hundredth analyzer the Vanta handheld XRF gives you a consistent result.

Alloy Plus Lead Paint and GeoChemistry Modes Installed

Vanta analyzers maximize user throughput and make data archiving easy. Application-specific software features improve user productivity for fast ROI. •A new intuitive interface (UI) enables the user to quickly navigate the device’s settings and software functions. •The UI can be configured based on a customer’s specific needs. Users can customize which software features and functions are displayed on the main screen. •Data are easily exported via a USB flash drive Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Vanta analyzers are designed to enable powerful cloud applications. •Vanta analyzers feature a clear bright LCD touch screen that is readable in any light. •Ergonomic buttons and an industrial-grade push-button joystick enable users to easily navigate the system with gloved hands. •Olympus’ Vanta handheld XRF offers embedded GPS so users can pair results with precise GPS coordinates to document and map the location of elements. The optional 5-megapixel panoramic camera combines images of XRF data with GPS coordinates for inclusive archiving and streamlined reporting which provides unmatched data traceability to the field.


Scrap Sorting: Vanta analyzers for scrap sorting feature a SmartSort function that intuitively lengthens or shortens test times based on material to save time while providing the best possible match. The software automatically compares results to a library of alloy compositions to quickly match unknown materials to known alloys. The Grade Match Messaging feature enables users to program messages for each grade to display warnings or instructions. These messages make it easy for operators to use the analyzer with little training putting the knowledge of your most experienced person to work for everyone.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Manufacturing Quality Control/Assurance: Vanta analyzers help ensure that refineries petrochemical plants and other processing facilities are safe by verifying that correct alloys are installed in critical locations by following American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 578 (API-RP-578). Manufacturers and installers of expensive or mission-critical components and machinery can rest easy knowing that they are manufactured with the correct alloy grades regardless of the material source. The Vanta series’ integrated GPS optional panoramic camera user-defined input fields connectivity features and extensive data reporting capabilities maximize inspector confidence and traceability to the field. Vanta handheld XRF analyzers are a fast effective solution for nondestructive verification of metal alloys. Vanta analyzers provide alloy composition chemistry and grade identification in as little as 1–2 seconds for materials including: • Aluminum • Carbon Steel • Nickel • Cobalt • Super Alloys • Stainless • Titanium

Regulatory and Safety Screening: Vanta handheld XRF analyzers provide rapid accurate elemental analysis when screening for lead (Pb) cadmium (Cd) arsenic (As) mercury (Hg) chromium (Cr) and other toxic metals in consumer products such as toys apparel and footwear and electronics to comply with RoHS regulations. Vanta analyzers are ideal tools for a reasonable testing program. With the optional 5-megapixel panoramic camera and Wireless LAN connectivity Vanta handhelds make it easy to archive sample images and results. Olympus’ ultra-low-noise Axon technology built into every analyzer provides excellent sensitivity for low detection limits and accurate pass/fail results of regulated elements

Geochemistry and Mining Exploration: The Vanta handheld analyzer is the preferred tool for mining exploration including surface mapping and core analysis. It provides accurate and reproducible results in any environment. Vanta analyzers work all day even in the high temperatures found in desert or jungle environments; remote areas where instrument downtime cannot be afforded. Geo-referenced XRF data transfer wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for real-time geochemical mapping on a GIS-equipped tablet or laptop. Map visualize assess and follow-up on targets in the field for faster in-field geological exploration and decision-making.

Environmental Assessments: Rugged for Environmental Assessments in the field. The Olympus Vanta VCR XRF/PMI Analyzer isideal for measuring priority pollutants (Ag As Cd Cr Cu Hg Ni Pb Se Tl and Zn) and RCRA metals (Ag As Ba Cd Cr Hg Pb and Se). Because samples require little or no preparation Vanta analyzers are ideal tools for screening large sites and for analyzing samples such as bagged soil sediments cores fluids dust wipes surfaces and filters. Vanta analyzers provide the fast results necessary for site characterizations property evaluations contamination tracking hazardous waste screening remediation monitoring and regulatory compliance. Quickly and easily identify a range of contaminants including: •Lead (Pb) •Arsenic (As) •Mercury (Hg) •Chromium (Cr)

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Technical Specifications

TechnicalThe C Series combine value with superior speed limits of detection (LODs) and elemental range. Each C Series analyzer is equipped with a silicon drift detector and your choice of an Rh or W anode 40 kV X-ray tube or a silver (Ag) anode at 50 kV X-ray tube
Excitation Source4-Watt X-ray tube with application optimized anode material (rhodium (Rh) silver (Ag) or tungsten (W)) C Series (Rh & W): 8–40 kV
Display800 × 480 (WVGA) LCD with capacitive touch screen supporting gesture control
Operating Environment Temperature-10 °C to 50 °C (continuous duty cycle with optional fan) Humidity: 10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Operating System LinuxCloud enabled with user fleet manager capability
IP Rating and Detector ShutterC and L Series IP65: dust tight and protected against water jets from all directions Solid detector shutter to help prevent detector damage
Data StoragemicroSD™ slot with included 1 GB Industrial SD card
USB(2) USB 2.0 type A host ports for accessories such as wireless LAN Bluetooth® and USB flash drives. (1) USB 2.0 type mini-B port for connection to computer
WiFiWiFi Supports 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) via optional USB adaptor Bluetooth Supports Bluetooth® via optional USB adaptor
CameraAiming Camera Full VGA CMOS camera Panoramic Camera 5-megapixel CMOS camera with autofocus lens


Dimension3.25 in. × 11.4 in. × 9.5 in.8.3 cm × 28.9 cm × 24.2 cm


Weight with battery3.75 lb1.70 kg