Near Field Probes (NFT)
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Near Field Probes (NFT)

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Electromagnetic tube inspection has rapidly become a routine NDE method for providing reliable and rapid condition assessments of process exchanger tubing.

Near Field probes utilize general-purpose bobbin pick-up coils and are designed for inspecting straight-length ferrous fin-fan/air cooler tubing. These probes come standard on bayonet-style 19-pin Amphenol connectors. The probe heads are waterproof with stainless steel covers and wear-resistant ends. Probe shafts are 3/8” in diameter, 50’ in length, and kink resistant. The introductory stocked probe sizes and types are:

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Low (50Hz-2.0kHz)


Low (50Hz-2.0kHz)


Low (50Hz-2.0kHz)

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