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MAL GroundExplorer

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MALÃ… HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology is the result of unique development that represents a giant leap forward for GPR products and solutions.  

MALÃ… PRODUCTS BUILT WITH HDR TECHNOLOGY deliver unprecedented data quality and performance. Due to the exceptional bandwidth and the high dynamic range, MALÃ… GroundExplorer and other HDR enabled products will deliver far better results than conventional GPR solutions. In most media, HDR enabled GPR solutions deliver deeper penetration without compromising surface resolution. Users will appreciate the high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of the MALÃ… GroundExplorer. The low noise, 32-bit, output brings clarity to GPR data never seen before.   THE MALÃ… GROUNDEXPLORER is the latest addition to MALÃ…'s versatile range of GPR solutions. To date, the MALÃ… GroundExplorer is the first commercial GPR solution available that incorporates the advantages of modern real-time sampling. The unique HDR technology combined with a vast experience of endusers' needs incorporated into the MALÃ… GroundExplorer offers easy-to-use GPR solutions built into field rugged platform.


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