Laval SC-350 Inspection Camera & SC350/500 9" Monitor
Laval Underground Surveys

Laval SC-350 Inspection Camera & SC350/500 9" Monitor

Pine Item #55657

The SC-350 is an ultra-light, compact, camera system with the SC-166 water well camera designed for water wells, boreholes, and vertical shafts as small as 2 inches (5 cm) to 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter Additional lighting accessories are available to expand the viewing capabilities. The winch is manually operated with a collapsible handle to make it completely compact, portable and easily shippable. The brake lever allows the user to stop the reel at any point for a thorough inspection.

The system comes standard with the winch, control center, monitor, SC-166 Camera, and power cable. The SC-350 is also compatible with Laval's R-Cam line of equipment which allows the option to upgrade to an R-Cam System or complement their existing R-Cam.

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