Heron H.O1L Oil / Water Interface Probe Meter, 100 ft.
Heron H.O1L Oil / Water Interface Probe Meter, 100 ft.
Heron Instruments

Heron H.O1L Oil / Water Interface Probe Meter, 100 ft.

Pine Item #51756

PFAS Accepted Equipment

#51759 200 ft., #51760 300 ft.

The H.01L oil/interface meter accurately measures the thickness of the floating product (LNAPL) above the water table. It will also detect and measure sinking layers of DNAPL. The H.01L, with its slim probe 5/8in (13mm), is ideal for wells, piezometers, and direct push equipment as narrow as 3/4 in (19mm) ID. The probe and tape will withstand hydrocarbons, solvents, and other contaminants. This unit is used by professionals involved with the monitoring and remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil products. The H0.1L interface meter is suitable for wells, boreholes, and underground and above-ground storage tanks.


Able to measure product layer 1/200th ft (1mm) thick.

Certified Intrinsically Safe t

The standard tapes are marked in feet and 100th/ft or meters and mm.

Standard tape lengths are 50ft

Ultra-slim 5/8@ (15mm) diameter stainless steel field replaceable probe. The probe has a non-removable 3/4 diameter Protector.

Unique flexible link between the tape and the probe provides protection at this vulnerable point.

Probe sleeve removable to allow the probe to be used in Narrow Wells.

Durable U.V. and high impact resistant engineered plastic reel with all stainless steel fittings.

Sturdy polyester coated steel

Water and dust proof epoxy encapsulated electronics on an easily removable font electronics panel.

One easy to change 9 V battery located on the faceplate electronic panel.

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Technical Specifications

DimensionsReel Weight 5lbs (2kg) Tape per 100ft (30m) 3lbs (1.28kgs) Overall Height 13.5in (34cm) Width 10in (25cm) Depth 8in (20cm)
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