Hanna 9142 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Hanna 9142 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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The ever increasing demand for instant results for on-site analyzes has created a constant need for waterproof portable meters. The cold, rain, snow and dust associated with use in the field, may damage a meter, rapidly deteriorating its performance and life. HI 9142 is a rugged, water resistant meter that solves the common problems of field use. It is very simple to use: calibration is performed with HI 7040 zero oxygen solution while 100% calibration is done in air. There is no need to use chemical solutions or go through time consuming calibration processes. The polarographic probe (HI 76407/4) will take measurements accurate to 0.2 ppm O2/liter in less than 1 minute and is equipped with a 13' (4m) cable that allows measurements to be taken in even hard to reach places. For applications that require a longer probe cable, the HI 76407/10 probe with a 32.8 foot (10 meter) cable is available. The conic shape of the probe allows it to be used in all BOD5 measurements making it a truly versatile instrument. HI 9142 is supplied complete with an HI 76407/4 D.O. probe, 2 spare membranes, HI 7041S electrolyte solution, 4 x 1.5V AA batteries and instruction manual in a rugged carrying case.

  • Water Resistant Casing - The rugged construction is water resistant, making it indispensable in the biological water treatment industry.
  • One Point Calibration - With the probe in saturated air, the meter can be calibrated without the need for chemical solutions.
  • ATC Circuitry - The meter's built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation circuitry will adjust all readings to provide the utmost accuracy.
  • Low Battery Indicator - The low battery indicator gives the user advanced notice to avoid taking an erroneous reading due to low power.
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