Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator
Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator
Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator
Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator
Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator
Guideline GEO

Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator

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MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the state of the art, intelligent ground penetrating radar solution for utility locating professionals.

MALÅ Easy Locator Core includes the best data quality on the market, real-time interpretation support through MALÅ AI; wireless data collection using mobile devices; cloud storage, post-processing and on-site reporting using MALÅ Vision.

All with the fastest workflow on the market.



Optimized for locating and mapping utilities

Swedish quality, unparalleled performance and a variety of revolutionary new features

Lighter and easier to use than anything else

Rugged and capable of traversing the toughest terrain

Unsurpassed resolution, bandwidth, and data clarity

Real-time interpretation from MALÅ AI while collecting data

Access and share your data anywhere on any device

Cloud-connected to MALÅ Vision for instant processing in the field

Constantly updated with new unique features and improvements

Built with the pride and the passion of a company with a century as leaders in geophysics

All with the fastest workflow on the market


Avoidance is mainly done on the fly by the same team performing the on-site excavation. The MALÅ Easy Locator Core is great for avoidance with it’s light and flexible design, ease-of-use and unique ability to support the user with instant feedback from MALÅ AI.

Mark-out is carried out by professional locators such as surveyors or engineers ahead of excavations to pinpoint and mark utilities. The Easy Locator Core has a number of unique strengths which make it the best choice for any mark-out project.

Mapping involves post-processing and interpretation of data, producing a map of all utilities in an area. Permanently recording the results. The cloud-connected Easy Locator Core offers unlimited mapping of utilities in a number of different ways such as with our powerful Dynamic grid or fully unrestricted using RTK GPS or a Total Station.

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Technical Specifications

Guideline GEO Mala Easy Locator
Acquisition platform:MALÅ Controller App
Processing platform:MALÅ Vision
Recommended tablet:Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro
Artificial Intelligence:Real-time MALÅ AI
Core technology:MALÅ HDR real-time sampling
Data output:32 bit
Operating time:> 8 h
Dimensions (in operation):102 x 49 x 79 cm
Dimensions (folded):29 x 49 x 83 cm
Weight (in operation, excl. tablet):15 kg
Max survey speed:> Highway speed
Positioning:RTK GNSS (option), DGNSS, mobile
device positioning, encoder, Total station
Acquisition mode:Encoder wheel, time or manual
Antenna center frequency:450 MHz
SNR (signal to noise ratio):> 102 dB
Bandwidath:> 121 %, fractional, -10 dB>
Power supply:Dual interchangeable 12 V Li-
Ion, external 12 V DC source
Rough terrain capability:MALÅ Rough Terrain Cart Mini (option)
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