GoPro® 700cm² .45 Inline Micron Filter
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GoPro® 700cm² .45 Inline Micron Filter

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When GoPro® filter capsules were engineered, we had primary objectives and standards: Quality and batch-coding control, filter media actually designed for turbid water, true to specifications, visibility of samples and media by means of the semi-clear capsule, and independent lab tests that reflect the lowest non-detects possible. The objectives were achieved.

Why Choose The GoPro® .45 Micron Filters?

A micron rating for a wastewater/groundwater disposable filter relates to its pore size and is a generalized way to indicate the ability of the filter’s capacity to capture particles. In simple terms, the smaller the micron rating, the more efficiently the filter captures smaller particles.


Each filter capsule is vacuum sealed with a heavy-duty 4mil bag

Pump direct into filter: Filter could be used in line with any water pump with correct pressure.

Gravity feed from bailer directly into filter: Filter could be used as a gravity feed filter for use with disposable bailers (F.E.D (Filter emptying device). This device is optional.

Pressurized bailer directly into filter: Filter Could be used with pressurized bailer system.

Pressurized transfer vessel directly Into filter: Filter Could be used with pressurized transfer vessel system with a hand pump.


Groundwater sampling

Groundwater monitoring

Filtering metals out of water

Field or laboratory use

Quantity must be 1 or more

Micron Rating:0.45μm
Turbidity Level:  Cloudy Liquid: Medium-High
Capsule Material:  Manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene
Media Filter Material: Polyethersulphone (PES)
Max Operating Pressure: 60 PSI
Capsule Length: 126 mm or 5 inches
Capsule Diameter:  73 mm or 3.0 inches
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