Gilian GilAir Air Sampling Pump

Gilian GilAir Air Sampling Pump

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A GILIAN Personal Air Sampling System is worn by a worker during the work shift to determine exposure to ambient particulates, gases, or vapors. It draws a carefully controlled volume of air and contaminants through collection media over the period. The media is then sent to a laboratory for analysis, resulting in a calculated level of exposure.

Automatic Constant Flow

This is the most important feature of any sampling pump, and is standard on all GILIAN ® Pump models (except BDX-II). It assures pulsation-free flow is maintained within  ±5% of the initial set point, even with varying back pressures from flow restrictions or buildup of material on the filter.

Battery LED

These lights tell you when the battery pack is fully charged, assuring a minimum of 8 hours of service over the operating range.

Clock/Programmable Timer

Clock pump models have a digital display with elapsed time, including a Run/Hold function to pause and resume sampling. This option is available for all GILIAN ® pump models except BDX-II.

Another option available on most models is a programmable timer which can be used to start or stop the pump at preset time intervals or to program a delayed start.

Built-In Rotameter

A rotameter with graduated LPM scale is standard on all models except LFS-113 and GilAir II, giving you an easy way to visually inspect to make sure the pump is maintaining the required flow rate throughout the sampling period.

Instant Fault Function

The fault light indicator is activated when the pump attempts to operate outside  ±5% of the required flow rate, such as from low battery, blocked tubing or filter, or other severe flow restriction. If fault condition persists for 30-60 seconds, pump automatically shuts down and freezes the timer. Units with timer display preserve run time on the display, ensuring a valid sampling result. If fault condition is cleared before shutdown, the pump resumes normal sampling and fault light goes out. GILIAN Pumps offer this fault feature while in constant low flow mode.

Anti-Tamper Control Cover

A cover plate is set in place over the control panel with a single screw, protecting flow control settings and off-on switch from inadvertently being changed during sampling period.

Low Flow Module With Constant Flow Control

These modules can be quickly added to most high flow GILAIR pumps to adapt them to the lower flow rates required for sorbent tube sampling. Also available is a multiflow low flow module, which maintains constant pressure and allows sampling with multiple sorbent tubes, each with an independently set flow rate.

Both suction and discharge sampling

This feature makes pump suitable not only for conventional pull-through sampling media but also for bag sampling and other pressure applications.

See-Through Inlet Filter Housing

This feature protects pump from dirt and debris and is externally mounted on the pump, making it easy to visually inspect the filter. Filter replacement requires the removal of just four screws. Built-in moisture trap helps prevent moisture from entering and damaging the pump chamber, such as moisture carryover from impingers.

One Year Warranty

Twelve month warranty is standard, guaranteeing all pumps against any defects in parts and/or workmanship.

Rechargeable NiCad Battery Packs

These sealed battery packs provide approximately 8 to 10 hours of reliable operation on a single charge. They may be charged in place on the pump or easily detached for separate charging or for quick field change in a safe area. Packs are intrinsically safe, as they are UL listed. They include a current limit circuit for explosion protection.

Stainless steel belt clip

Clip is extra wide to provide maximum comfort to wearer and prevent the pump from tilting.

EMI/RFI Protection

This shielding helps to make sure ambient radio and electromagnetic interference from plant operations don’t affect the pump’s flow control and timer circuit functions, degrading the accuracy of your sampling.

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