DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
DR300 Pocket Colorimeter

DR300 Pocket Colorimeter

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Proven past. Innovative future.
Meet the newest Hach pocket colorimeter.

How do you make the best portable colorimeter on the market? Start with the tried and true Hach Pocket Colorimeter II – one that has been used by hundreds of thousands of water professionals in harsh conditions for almost two decades – and make key mechanical improvements: upgraded waterproofing, larger display, and ergonomic design. Then infuse it with the smart capabilities that modern technology has to offer: optional Bluetooth connectivity with automatic data transfer and seamless system integration*. The result is the Hach DR300 Pocket Colorimeter, the next generation in portable instrumentation. Reduce data collection hassles, eliminate transcription errors, and ensure stronger compliance traceability.

Single Parameter go-anywhere portable photometer

Battery operation for a maximum of 5000 tests

Waterproof instrument IP67 (even better than PCII)

Larger, better display

Data connectivity. Bluetooth to Claros*

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ParameterRangeMeasurement Method
Aluminum0.02 - 0.80 mg/L AlAluminon
Ammonia0.01 - 0.80 mg/L NH₃-NSalicylate
Bromine0.05 - 4.50 mg/L Br₂
0.2 - 10.0 mg/L Br₂
Chlorine, free¹) + total¹), ²)0.02 - 2.00 mg/L Cl₂
0.1 - 8.0 mg/L Cl₂
Chlorine, free¹) + total¹), ²), MR0.05 - 4.00 mg/L Cl₂
0.1 - 10.0 mg/L Cl₂
Chlorine, pH 0.1 - 10.0 mg/L Cl₂
6.0 - 8.5 pH
Phenol Red
Chlorine dioxide0.05 - 5.00 mg/L ClO₂DPD/Glycine
Iron, Ferrover²)0.02 - 5.00 mg/L Fe Ferrover
Iron, TPTZ0.01 - 1.70 mg/L FeTPTZ
Manganese, HR²)0.2-20.0 mg/L MnPeriodate Oxidation
Molybdenum0.02 - 3.00 mg/L Mo
0.1 - 12.0 mg/L Mo
Ternary Complex
Monochlor/Free Ammonia0.04 - 4.50 mg/L Monochloramine as CI₂
0.02 - 0.50 mg/L Free Ammonia as NH₃-N
Nitrate0.4 - 30.0 mg/L NO₃-NCadmium Reduction
Oxygen, dissolved 0.2 - 10.0 mg/L O₂HRDO
Ozone0.01 - 0.25 mg/L O₃
0.01 - 0.75 mg/L O₃
Indigo Trisulfonate
Phosphate¹), ²)0.02 - 3.00 mg/L PO₄Phosver 3
Zinc²)0.02 - 3.00 mg/L ZnZincon
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