DM1 Micro-Manometer

DM1 Micro-Manometer

Pine Item #51205
Infiltec Digital Micro-Manometer offers radon professionals the precision and pressure measurements to diagnose the toughest mitigation problems.... Resolution of 0.1 Pa or .001" wc. Range -750 Pa (-3.0 " wc) to +548 Pa (+2.2 " wc). 

Resolution 0.1 Pa below 200 Pa, and to 1 Pa above 200 Pa, or 0.001 " wc below 2" wc, and to 0.01" wc above 2" wc.

Bi-directional: Range -750 Pa (-3.0 " wc) to -548 Pa (+2.2 " wc).

4 keys covered by a weatherproof overlay.

Units select Metric (Pa) or U.S. ("wc) units.

Accuracy ± 1% of measurement or ± 1 display digit, which ever is greater.

LCD Display with 1/2" high numbers.

Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F).

1/8" ID barbed connection for tubing.

Accessories included: battery, soft carrying case, tubing, calibration certificate and users manual.

Warranty 2 years coverage on parts and labor to repair any defects.


HVAC test and balance

Radon mitigation

Furnace draft analysis

Duct leakage testing

Pressure balancing

Combustion safety analysis

Advanced building diagnostics

Laboratory safety monitoring

Process monitoring

Filter condition checks

Environmental assessments

Pitot or orifice pressure measurements

Data logging low differential pressures

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Pressure Resolution:Displays to 0.1 Pa below 200 Pa, and to 1 Pa above. Displays to 0.001 "wc below 2"wc, and to 0.01"wc above. Internal resolution is 0.025 Pa (0.0001 "wc) and this is the resolution of the serial output.
Pressure Range:Bi-directional: Range -3.0 "wc (750 Pa) to +2.2 "wc (548 Pa).
Membrane Keypad:4 keys covered by weatherproof labeled overlay.
Units Key:Select Metric (Pa) or U.S. ("wc) units.
Zero Key:Reset display to zero pressure.
Time Avg Key:Select block average of 1 (default), 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32 seconds.
On/Off Key:Turn power on and off.
Accuracy:±1% of measurement or ±1 display digit, whichever is greater.
Display Type:LCD with 1/2" high numbers.
Operating Temperature:32°F to 122°F. (0°C to 50°C)
Storage Temperature:-4°F to 160°F. (-20°C to 70°C)
Low Battery Display:Current battery voltage is displayed at startup, "lowbat" displayed when voltage is under 6 volts.
Maximum Pressure:±25 "wc, ±6 kPa or ±0.9 PSI
Over Range Indicator:"OP" is displayed when pressure out of -3.0 "wc (750 Pa) to +2.2 "wc (548 Pa) range.
Update Indicator:Decimal point blinks when display updates.
Weight With Battery:8.9 oz. (253 grams)
Dimensions:3.6" x 5.75" x 1.3/1.9" (91 x 146 x 33/49 mm).
Battery Life:Over 200 hours from one 9 volt alkaline.
Operating Medium:Air or non-corrosive, non-explosive gas.
Pressure Connections:Barbed for 1/8" ID tubing.
Analog Output Option:0-5v out: ~0v is -3"wc/-750 Pa, ~2.5v is 0 "wc/0 Pa, ~5v is +3"wc/+750 Pa. Voltage is independent of pressure display rezeroing. 2 wire plug and jack.
Analog Data Logger Option:The DM1 can be connected to an Onset data logger to simultaneously record temperature, humidity, light levels, and DM1 differential pressure. This logger has a pressure resolution of 0.4 Pascal or 0.0018 "wc over the range -3.0 "wc (750 Pa) to +2.2 "wc (548 Pa). Time resolution can be set from 1 second to hours, and logging duration ranges from hours to days depending on time resolution and number of sensors recorded.
Serial Output Option:Female DB9 plug on 6 ft (2 m) cable. 9600b-8N0 pseudo RS232 protocol, ASCII records, ~1/sec, LF+CR termination, ±32000 range, 0.025 Pa (0.0001"wc) resolution.
Microprocessor:Programmable 4 Mhz Microchip PIC14000 with 16 bit a/d. DM1 functions can be updated by replacing this chip.
Custom Firmware:Custom microprocessor programming is available to optimize the DM1 for your pressure measurement application.
Optional Accessories:Pitot tubes, static pressure probes & tubing.
Accessories Included:Battery, soft carrying case, tubing, calibration certificate, user manual.
Warranty:2 years coverage on parts and labor to repair any defects.
Manuals, Data Sheets & Software