Delmhorst Moisture Meter BD-10

Delmhorst Moisture Meter BD-10

Pine Item #61192

The bright and clear analog display on the BD-10 is designed to be incredibly easy to read, and the pin moisture meter is easy to use—simply push the pins into the material to be tested and push the button. The needle on the analog display will move to indicate the moisture content of the material being tested.

Delmhorst’s BD-10 moisture meter is calibrated for a wood moisture reading scale for use with flooring, wood studs, and other hardwood materials. For all other building materials, the BD-10 has a secondary reference moisture reading scale. While the wood reading scale is able to provide quantitative measurements of moisture in wood, the reference scale provides qualitative moisture measurements. This reference moisture reading scale is typically used to get quick pass/fail moisture content assessments in non-wood materials.

Because the meter is an analog type with a simple button-press operation, it’s incredibly easy to learn. This makes it ideal both for amateur users and for pros who need a simple moisture testing device for their employees to use while they get used to testing moisture content.


Easy to operate and easy to read 

Measures moisture in wood and other non-wood building materials 

Analog display 

Built-in calibration check 

Rugged construction with sturdy plastic carrying case

Quantity must be 1 or more
Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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