Toxic Gas Monitoring

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Pine supplies toxic gas monitoring equipment to environmental consultants and engineers, industrial hygienists and health and safety professionals to assist in complying with US regulations established by OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH and EPA governing exposure of workers to toxic gases.

We provide a wide range of meters and analyzers for personnel testing and area monitoring for hazardous gases such as:

• Ammonia
• Benzene
• Carbon Monoxide
• Chlorine
• Formaldehyde
• Hydrocarbons
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Mercury Vapor
• Nitrogen Dioxide
• Ozone
• Sulfur Dioxide

These include PID’s, FID’s and specific single and multi-gas meters from manufacturers such as Interscan, Thermo Scientific, Honeywell Analytics, RAE Systems, Arizona Instruments, OhioLumex, IN USA, Drager, MSA, Industrial Scientific, Photovac and Diversified Research.

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