FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter
FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter
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FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter

Pine Item #54969

This instrument has been specifically designed for direct measurement of salts in soil media as well as water or nutrient solutions. The salinity of the soil solution, irrigation water or fertilizer solution is an important parameter affecting the root zone environment. Any of these factors can have a significant effect on plant growth and physiology. The easiest way to monitor salinity is by measuring the electrical conductivity (EC). EC is strongly correlated to the salinity of the soil solution. EC measurement is also affected by temperature and, to a lesser degree, by soil moisture content.   Use this portable EC meter and probe to measure salinity in greenhouse soil media right on the spot without tedious soil sampling and preparation. Greenhouse production managers can compare readings from plant to plant and fine-tune their fertility program because measurements can be made directly in a plug tray cell without cannibalizing the seedlings. Turf managers can monitor for high salt levels on golf course greens and determine when to flush (leach) salts before turf quality declines. The meter comes with the Field Scout Soil/Water EC probe. This single, stainless steel probe has a specially designed conical tip. It can measure liquid EC (water or nutrient solutions) or In-Situ soil salinity. The probe automatically compensates for temperature.

Pine also offers the 24" probe for this unit.


Professional-grade meter

No need to prepare sample - simply sample through the profile

Patented paired sensor tip provides maximum soil-sensor contact and higher accuracy

Sample directly in plug trays pots containers solutions or ground soils

0 to 19.9 mS/cm (Accuracy ±1% resolution 0.01 mS/cm)

Automatic temperature compensation

Includes battery and EC calibration standard

Item 2265FS includes a carrying case


Salt in Soil Detection

Precision nutrient management

agricultural management

Delineation of Field Variation

Herbicide Application

Fertility Programs

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Technical Specifications

ReadoutLCD digital display
EC Range0.00 - 19.99 mS/cm
Temperature Range0 - 55 degrees C (32 - 122 degree F)
AccuracyEC: ±1% Full Scale Temperature: ±0.5 degrees C \n
EC Resolution0.01 mS/cm
Calibration1-point manual calibration \n
Temperature CompensationAutomatic from 0 to 50 degrees C\n
PowerFour LR44 1.5V alkaline batteries
Battery Life150 hours
Auto ShutoffAfter 8.5 minutes
Probe Diameter2265FS (2265PROBE)\n0.30 in (0.8 cm)\n2265FSTP (2265FST24P)\n0.35 in (0.9 cm)
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