Ludlum 2241-2RK w/44-9 Probe

Ludlum 2241-2RK w/44-9 Probe

Pine Item #54479

The Ludlum Model 2241-2RK is a portable general-purpose survey meter equipped with a Geiger-Mueller detector for measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

The Model 2241 operated in either Ratemeter Mode with a moving decimal point and six-digit in Scaler Mode.

The unit has both visual and audible alarms.


Alpha Beta Gamma radiation surveys

NIST-Traceable certificate of calibration

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Technical Specifications

RatemeterDisplays in R/hr Sv/hr cpm or cps
DisplayAuto-ranging from 0.0 micro R/hr to 9999 R/hr; 0.000 micro Sv/hr to 9999 Sv/hr; 0 cpm to 999k cpm; or 0 to 100k cps
Audiio AlarmBuilt-in unimorph speaker with ON/OFF switch > 60 dB at 2ft.
Alert/AlarmIndicated by enunciator on display and audible tone
PowerTwo \"D\" cell batteries about 200 hours operation.
DetectorPancake type halogen quenched Geiger-Mueller
SensitivityTypically 3300 cpm mR/hr (137Cs gamma)
Operating Voltage900 volts
Dimensions1.8\" x 2.7\" x 10.7\"
Weight1 lb


H x W x L6.5 x 3.5\" x 8.5\"\"165 x 89 x 216 mm


H x W x L3.5 lbs including batteries 1.6kg including batteries
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