Multi-Gas Monitors

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Our multi-gas monitors are the ideal solution to provide protection for personnel in tight, confined spaces.  At Pine we stock a wide range of multi-gas monitors from leading manufactures such as RAE Systems, Gastech and Innova.  Our monitors are intrinsically safe and meet federal regulations for pre-testing confined spaces and other remote areas.  Multi-gas monitors with PIDs are also available.

To find out more, please click on a product from the list.  At Pine, we specialize in delivering total equipment solutions and providing technical advice on what to rent, and how to use it; the availability of our rental fleet is second to none, and all our equipment is always tested and delivered ready to use.

BW Technologies
BW MicroClip 4 Confined Space Gas Detector
MSA ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector
RKI Eagle 2 (6-Gas Sample Drawing Monitor)
RAE Systems
RAE Systems QRAE 3
MSA ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector
RKI GX-6000