High Volume Air Samplers

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Our high volume air sampler are designed for area monitoring or clearance sampling, and are an economical tool for environmental testing professionals, abatement contractors, industrial hygienists and safety managers.  A high volume air sampling pump is a perfect solution when assessment of aerosol contaminants such as dust, gases or other toxic vapors is required.  For added convenience, we stock both stationary and portable sampling systems.

To find out more, please click on a product from the list.  At Pine, we specialize in delivering total equipment solutions and providing technical advice on what to rent, and how to use it; the availability of our rental fleet is second to none, and all our equipment is always tested and delivered ready to use.

Tisch Environmental
Tisch TSP Air Sampler Models 5170 and 5170V
Tisch Environmental
Tisch PM-10 Monitor Models 6070 and 6070V
Tisch Environmental
Tisch TE-1000 PUF Polyurethane Foam Ambient Air Sampler