Environmental Monitoring

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Pine is the leading provider of environmental equipment in the nation. We carry a large inventory of rental equipment that is readily available in our warehouse at all times, including analyzers, detectors, monitors and samplers for a wide variety of environmental applications. Customers also rely upon us for our extensive inventory of instruments used for groundwater sampling, perimeter air monitoring, VOC and hydrocarbon detection, plus much, much, more. As a convenience, complimentary calibration kits (gases and/or solutions) are provided with all standard environmental instrument rentals.

Did you know that we carry some of the most trusted names in the industry such as RAE Systems, Photovac, Thermo Scientific, Solinst, Heron Instruments and In-Situ just to name a few, and that we are also the largest authorized rental company for QED Environmental Sampling Pumps.

At Pine we aim to be your single source supplier, not only for all of your instrument requirements, but also for the consumables you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We stock a wide variety of calibration gases, calibration solution standards, tubing types, bailers, sorbents and more from industry leading suppliers such as Cole-Palmer, Airgas, Waterra, Grainger, Portagas, Gasco, RAE Systems and YSI.

In addition to monitoring instruments, we also carry:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Single gas monitors worn to minimize respiratory and dermal exposure
  • A variety of items to protect your head, ears, eyes, feet and hands
  • Hi-viz and flame resistant clothing to enhance visibility and safety on the work site

Our 24/7 technical support provides effective and efficient assistance for all of the instruments that we rent.  We can also help maintain the equipment that you own.  Be sure to ask your sales representative about our repair and calibration services.


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