Combustion Analysis

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Pine has long been known by engineering professionals as a reliable source for all of their combustion analyzer needs. That is because we are continuously adding new equipment to our fleet in order to augment the capabilities we can provide end users for any combustion monitoring application, whether it be for a short-term spot checks or long term fine tuning of the combustion process. Customers doing this work want to quantify oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, and total volatile organics on a short term real time basis.

The most typical applications include:

  • Fine tuning boiler inputs for combustion optimization
  • Determination of combustion by-products on industrial boilers and heaters
  • Quantification of constituent pollutants for compliance determination
  • Pollution control devise optimization
  • Relative accuracy testing audits

Pine carries multi-component analyzers utilizing best of breed technologies for the most accurate sampling and electro-chemical cell combustion units for portability with ease of use. We have partnered with ECOM America and have their full line of combustion analyzers in stock as well as combustion instruments from partners like Horiba Instruments and Testo, Inc.

Pine provides a first-class technical support service as well as advice on which product will be best suited to your needs. Our quality management system insures that all equipment is tested and calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications when you receive it. To find out more, please select from the products listed below.

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