News! Read Pine's CEO Spotlight Article Featuring Will Keresey, the Driving Force Behind Their Success.

Embark on an insightful exploration of leadership with Pine Environmental Services CEO Spotlight article featuring Will Keresey, the driving force behind Pine Environmental Services’ success. This exclusive piece offers a rare glimpse into the strategic acumen and forward-thinking vision that guide our organization under his leadership. Read the full article below.

We are delighted to announce that Pine Environmental has been honored as the "Top 10 Environmental Monitoring Services Provider for 2023" by Environmental Business Review Magazine. Pine continues to spearhead the environmental solutions sector, establishing new benchmarks for excellence and innovation as a service provider.

We take great pride in our position at the forefront of initiatives that promote sustainability, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to address environmental challenges.


Environmental Business Review interviewed Pine Environmental Chief Executive Officer, William Keresey. Please find the links and complete copy of the article below.

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Leading the Charge in Environmental Monitoring Equipment

William Keresey, CEO of Pine Environmental Services 

The evolving field of environmental monitoring and nondestructive testing necessitates a paramount focus on equipment accuracy and dependability. This is particularly poignant in the U.S. and Canada, where industrial standards and regulatory demands mandate meticulous monitoring and testing across various sectors. Pine Environmental Services LLC, widely known as Pine, has strategically positioned itself as a beacon of reliability, providing robust solutions in environmental monitoring and testing, nondestructive testing, and remote visual inspection through a service model that leverages an extensive inventory of test & measurement equipment and its industry-leading technical workforce.

"Our people, equipped with tremendous knowledge and passion for the environmental, health and safety industry, are our definitive position in the marketplace," says William Keresey, CEO of Pine Environmental, shedding light on the human element that distinguishes the company in the marketplace.

Pine is an Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) provider, striving to embed a substantive layer of expertise around equipment and diverse applications. Its equipment solutions extend across North America, with a promise that every piece of its state-of-the-art equipment is meticulously assessed, cleaned, charged, and calibrated, ensuring the clients receive top-notch, ready-to-deploy equipment.

Addressing an assortment of pain points, Pine Environmental has crafted its service offerings into four primary verticals: equipment provision (through rentals and sales), repair & maintenance services, fleet management, and consultative solution design; each one designed with a singular objective—to ensure projects proceed without a hitch.  For many clients, navigating the labyrinth of available equipment and technologies, especially for multifaceted projects, can be a substantial challenge. Pine assists by walking them through a systematic, step-by-step process to fathom the scope of projects, delving into objectives, required data types, and ultimate goals, while maintaining a holistic approach to guarantee client needs are met comprehensively.

In addition to its primary equipment and service-focused offerings, Pine is pivotal as a supply hub for many field essentials. Whether gloves, vests, boots, masks, or other solutions, the company ensures that clients have what they need, streamlining project flow and alleviating logistical burdens. Through an amalgamation of equipment availability and a knowledgeable team, it endeavors to equip clients with both the tangible and intangible resources required for successful project execution.

Collaboration with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is another forte of Pine. By maintaining sturdy relationships with OEMs, it ensures that the fleet of assets dispersed across 36 locations spanning 26 states and four provinces in Canada is of supreme quality, reinforcing Pine's commitment to delivering quality products. Undeniably, the meticulous approach to quality, extensive reach, and comprehensive solutions underscores Pine's prominent position within the industry.

“Our people, equipped with tremendous knowledge and passion for the industry, are our definitive position in the marketplace.”

Pine Environmental persists in navigating the dynamic landscapes of environmental monitoring and nondestructive testing by staying perpetually attuned to industry evolution, continuing to mold offerings in alignment with emerging trends, and sustainedly providing technical and application support on its wide array of test and measurement equipment. Moving forward, Pine seeks to continue amplifying its footprint, leveraging expertise, and advancing its mission to make the availability of and ease of access to high-caliber equipment second to none, empowering its clients to achieve project success with confidence and certainty.