YSI 30 Salinity, Conductivity, Temperature Instrument
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YSI 30 Salinity, Conductivity, Temperature Instrument

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The YSI Salinity, Conductivity and Temperature Instrument is ready to use when you turn it on. A large, backlit display shows temperature along with conductivity, temperature-compensated conductivity, or salinity. In addition, the YSI 30 lets you set the reference temperature and the temperature coefficient if you're measuring temperature-compensated conductivity. The YSI 30 allows for user calibration for highest accuracy. Built-in storage chamber protects the probe when not in use.

The YSI 30M, which stores up to 50 data sets, is also available. The 100 foot cable instrument is automatically a Model 30M when purchased!


  • Weighted probe sinks easily
  • Autoranging enables fast, convenient conductivity measurement
  • Automatic function check verifies that the system is working properly
  • Cables are available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 foot lengths ( 3, 7.6, 15.2 and 30.4 m)
  • Meets IP-65 water tightness requirements
  • YSI 30M is CE compliant
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