Trimble ProXR

Trimble ProXR

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The GPS Pathfinder ® Pro XR receiver is a powerful, easy-to-use GIS data collection and data maintenance system that provides real-time submeter accuracy. Combining real-time beacon, WAAS, EGNOS, and GPS capabilities in a single receiver and antenna, the Pro XR is compact and robust. The integration and flexibility of these technologies means that you have less equipment, cables, and batteries to carry.


incorporates a 12-channel and differential beacon receiver in one housing

WAAS/EGNOS differential ready

uses patented EVEREST?! multipath rejection technology to remove multipath signals in reflective environments

supports NMEA-0183 output and RTCM SC-104 input/output


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Technical Specifications

Power6 Watts (maximum) 10 to 32 VDC
TemperatureOperating 20 °C to +65 °C ( 4 °F to +149 °F) Storage 30 °C to +85 °C ( 22 °F to +185 °F)
Humidity100% fully sealed
Receiver CasingDustproof splashproof shock-resistant; sealed to 5 psi
Antenna CasingDustproof waterproof shock-resistant
GPS12 channel L1/CA code tracking carrier phase filtered measurements multibit digitizer
GPS AntennaRight-hand circular polarized; omnidirectional; hemispherical coverage
Integrated Real-TimeWAAS1 or EGNOS2
Update rate1 Hz
Time to First Fix30 seconds (typical)
Accuracy (RMS) after differential correctionPostprocessed 50 cm Carrier postprocessed: With 5 minutes tracking satellites 30 cm With 10 minutes tracking satellites 20 cm With 20 minute


GPS Receiver4.4 in ? 2.0 in ? 7.7 in11.1 cm ? 5.1 cm ? 19.5 cm
Antenna6.1 in ? 4.2 in15.5 cm diameter ? 10.8 cm high


GPS Receiver1.68 lb0.76 kg
Antenna1.08 lbs) 0.49 kg