Servomex 1440 CO2

Servomex 1440 CO2

Pine Item #54107

The 1440 STD Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer is available for non-flammable, non-toxic sample gases. The analyzer comprises one or two measurement modules, each featuring a high visibility LED display. 0-1VDC non-isolated and 4-20mA isolated outputs, and user controlled concentration alarms, all as standard. The non-toxic, non flammable analyzer (STD version) also includes a low flow alarm (indicated by an LED on the analyzer front panel) and Automatic Flow Control Device (AFCD) to control the sample flow through the analyzer.


Bright LED display

Concentration and low flow alarms

Excellent stability and performance

Low maintenance

Measures one or two gases from either: oxygen or carbon dioxide

No chemical cells to replace or renew

Variants suitable for flammable / toxic sample gases

Voltage and current outputs

Quantity must be 1 or more
Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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Technical Specifications

Gas Measured - Carbon DioxideTechnology: Infrared transducer
NULLZero Drift: 2% of full scale/week
Inlet/Outlet Connections6.4 mm (1/4\") OD tube
Dew PointAt least 9°F (5°C) below ambient temperature
Signal OutputsDisplay: 3½ Digit LED
AlarmsTwo changeover relay contacts rated 1A/110VAC to 1A/28VDC non-inductive per measurement
Power Supply88 to 264 VAC 47 to 63 Hz (45VA maximum)
TemperatureStorage: -4 to + 158°F (-20 to +70°C)
PressureOxygen Measurement: 0.8 to 1.1 bara (80 to 110kPaa)
Inlet PressureStandard Analyzer:1 to 10 psig 7 to 70 kPag
Vent Pressure11.6 to 15.0 psia 80 to 110 kPag
Flow RateStandard Analyzer: 1 to 6 l/min


Single Unit9 x 15 x 7 236 x 380 x 178 mm
Double Unit9 x 15 x7 483 x 380 x 178 mm
Bench top case20.5 x 15.7 x 8.3 520 x 400 x 211 mm


Single Unit12 lbs5.5 kg
Double Unit26 lbs12 kg
Bench top case44 lbs20 kg
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