Power Pro ESP Electric Pump

Power Pro ESP Electric Pump

Pine Item #51386

The Power Pro ESPTM low-flow electric sampling pump has an all-in-one design with user-friendly controls built into the reel. You won't need a heavy AC generator – just run the Power Pro off your vehicle's battery, or go mobile in the field using a portable 12 VDC battery. The ESP Communications ProtocolSM provides simple pump operation with sophisticated control. The In-Water Sensor lights up when the pump is submerged, making it easy to position the pump in the well. The Run-Dry Protection limits drawdown and prevents damage to the motor and seal.

With its variable-speed brushless motor and revolutionary high-efficiency impeller, the Power Pro delivers a new generation of performance. This unique combination consumes 50-75% less power (based on manufacturer's published specifications) which means less heat and lighter, more flexible power supply options. The whole system weighs only 32 lbs.

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