Photovac MicroFID IS Flame-Ionization Detector
Photovac MicroFID IS Flame-Ionization Detector

Photovac MicroFID IS Flame-Ionization Detector

Pine Item #52090

Flame Ionization Detector (FID) now available to hire from Pine. A small and lightweight FID with built-in datalogging, the Photovac MicroFID allows trouble-free measurement of soil gases when the response-factor consistency of a FID is mandatory, or when methane must be included in the total reading.

The MicroFID is also an appropriate instrument for leak testing, remediation efficiency checks and emergency spill response.  UHP hydrogen fuel is available for purchase.


Detect up to 50000 PPM VOCs including methane

Make EPA Method 21 Fugitive Emissions Monitoring easy with the smallest and lightest FID available the MicroFID.

Intrinsically Safe Class I Division 1 Groups A B C and D


LDAR-Search and location of flammable gas leaks

Ideal tool for uses in areas classified as zone zero flammable

Method 21 Sampling

Manufacturing plants or factories

Methane Detection

Medical and hygiene

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Technical Specifications

Operating concentration range0.1 to 50000 Methane equivalent (two ranges)
AccuracyMethane (after calibration with zero air and 100PPM Methane span gas): within +/-0.5 PPM or +/- 10% of actual Methane concentration 0.1 to 2
Response timeLess than 3 seconds (to 90% FS)
Detection Limit0.5 PPM Methane
Intrinsic SafetyClass I Division 1 Groups A B C and D
Keypad16 key silicone with tactile feedback
Display2 Line 16 character LCD with alphanumeric and bar graph readouts
Analog output0 to 1 Volt full scale
Serial outputContinuous concentration modulated tone
Battery Capacity15 Hours (snap on replacement) sealed Lead acid battery pack
Hydrogen cylinder discharge timeGreater than 11 hours
MicroFID Unit DimensionsUS: 17.1 x 3.85" x 7.4" Metric: 435 x 98 x 188 mm
MicroFID Unit WeightUS: 8.1lbs Metric: 3.7 kg
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