Monsoon PRO Pump 12v SS - Proactive (RENT ONLY)

Monsoon PRO Pump 12v SS - Proactive (RENT ONLY)

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With the ability to run in harsh conditions with higher turbidity, the Proactive SS Mega-Monsoon has been installed in countless remediation sites that utilize pump and treat systems. Patented for its unique design, the SS Mega-Monsoon is capable of pumping up to 175 feet from ground level to water level. The SS Mega-Monsoon is reliable for continuous purging of groundwater wells and it can be used with solar panels for long-term remediation sites. Plus, it's easy-to-use. Just connect the pump to the required Low Flow With Power Booster 3 "LCD" Controller (part number 51893), and then connect to the 12-volt battery for power. If you want to sample as low as 10M/L per minute at any depth, purchase the Low Flow with Power Booster 3 "LCD" Controller and Non-Return Check Valve separately. Constructed of high polished stainless steel parts, the SS Mega-Monsoon is an extremely powerful addition to the Proactive family. Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the S.S. Mega Monsoon Pro with controller. Don't forget to order tubing!

Simple to use! Runs off a 12 volt DC car battery.

Lifts up to 180 feet deep from ground level to water level!

Reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling or purging of groundwater wells.

Low Flow Sample as low as 10 M/L per minute, from any depth, when using the Low Flow with Power Booster 3 "LCD" Controller (controller sold separately).

Easy to read, glow in the dark LCD display conveniently placed on top of the Low Flow with Power Booster 3 "LCD" Controller makes adjusting and reading the discharge rate a breeze!

Computer engineered bottom debris filter screen allows operation under harsh conditions with higher turbidity.

Long lasting, high performance pump motor lasts over 400 hours under normal working


Simple to clean and decontaminate

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Technical Specifications

Power consumption:1100 watts (max)
Volt recommendation:12 - 15 at source
Maximum amp output:42 amps
Measurements:Length 7.5" / Diameter: 1.82"
Constructed:High polish stainless steel
Discharge outlet:3/8" id poly tubing, teflon wire optional
Requires:Low flow with power booster 3 "lcd" controller
Supplied with:190 feet of heavy duty 12 gauge pvc wire neatly rolled up on a tubular metal reel with pump holder, 2 motor modules, disposable low flow control valve, and wrench