JUM 109L Hydrocarbon Analyzer CH4/NON-CH4 HTD.FID H

JUM 109L Hydrocarbon Analyzer CH4/NON-CH4 HTD.FID H

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The model 109L analyzer made by J.U.M. Engineering is a compact, heated unit for detecting methane concentrations to EPA Method 25. Model 109L has been designed for applications such as stack gas emissions monitoring, ambient air monitoring to low concentration levels, thermal reactor and combustion emissions monitoring, and raw automotive and diesel exhaust analysis. 

The dual detector, dual electrometer design provides real-time analysis of methane only (CH4), total hydrocarbons including methane (THC), and total hydrocarbons less methane (NMHC). Individual analog outputs and digital front panel meters are provided for all three gases. 

The sample pump, sample filter, and all pressure and flow regulating components are built-in, so additional sample handling equipment is not needed. Note: The model 109L analyzer uses hydrogen fuel, which is a purchased item.


Dual detector dual electrometer design

Built in heated sample pump

Built in burner air supply, no extra air cylinder needed

Automatic flame out alarm

EPA Methods 25A and 503

0 to 100000 ppm in five ranges


Stack gas emissions monitoring

Ambient air monitoring to low concentration levels

Raw automotive and diesel exhaust analysis

Thermal reactor and combustor emissions monitoring (e.g. Commercial Bakeries)

CEM compliance testing

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Technical Specifications

Range0 to 10 100 1000 10000 100000 ppm
DetectorFlame ionization detector (FID)
SensitivityMax. 1 ppm CH4 full scale
Response Time90% of full scale in 1 second (THC) 4 seconds (NMHC)
Zero Drift1.5% of full scale per 24 hours
Span Drift1.5% of full scale per 24 hours
LinearityWithin 1%
Power110V 60Hz
Output0 to 10V DC
DimensionsUS: 5.19 x 19 x 18 in. Metric: 132 x 483 x 457 mm
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