Holaday Low Frequency EMF System Models 3603, 3604 & 3616

Holaday Low Frequency EMF System Models 3603, 3604 & 3616

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This hire package includes the Holaday Model 3604, which is an ELF/power frequency survey meter, the Model 3603, a VLF/VDT radiation survey meter, and the Model 3616 fiber optic remote control, for situations where the surveyor must be isolated from the instrument.  An optional dielectric stand is also available for rental.

The Model 3604 ELF (extremely low frequency) field strength meter evaluates electric and magnetic fields associated with 50/60 Hertz power lines and electrically operated equipment and appliances.  The 3603 VLF (very low frequency) radiation survey meter is designed for measuring the complex electromagnetic field emissions from computers, video display terminals, and any CRT or similar device radiating within 10 kHz to 300 kHz.


Complete system for the low frequency spectrum.

Complies with ANSI C95.1

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Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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Technical Specifications

RangesModel 3603 E-Field: 1 to 2000 V/M H-Field: 1 to 2000 mA/M
Frequency ResponseModel 3603 10 KHz to 300 KHz
Datalogging127 data points using front panel controls waveform output
PowerTwo 9V batteries
DimensionsUS: 14.13 x 8.38 x 1.75 in. Metric: 359 x 213 x 44 mm
Manuals & Data Sheets

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