GTS™: Global Telemetry Solutions
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GTS™: Global Telemetry Solutions

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Pine's Global Telemetry System (GTS™) is a customizable environmental monitoring platform engineered to suit a variety of remote, real-time monitoring applications. The GTS™ utilizes GSM cellular modem technology, GPS, and select data gathering instrumentation, to stream information to your PC, tablets, or smart phone.  The GTS™ stations transmit data in near real time to the Environet™ cloud based servers. Environet™ software allows the end user to view and manage the field data from anywhere an internet connection can be made and export for specific date and time ranges. Additionally, alarm conditions for specific parameters can be set by the end user with text and email messaging options available, in near real time!

Whether your project requires real time monitoring for dust at a construction site or water quality parameters during remedial injections into groundwater wells, Pine has a solution available through our GTS™ monitoring system.  The simple mobilization and setup is what separates the system from any others on the market.  Pine has developed numerous application specific platforms to create diversity and ease of use. 

Contact Pine and allow us to work with you on your custom GTS™.  Our application specialist will help engineer a solution that works for your monitoring requirements

GTS™ Systems

Key Features

  • GSM cell modem (Works in US and Internationally)
  • Secure and redundant data storage
  • GPS provides accurate monitoring location information for defensible data reporting
  • Data accessible with PCs, Tablets, and Smart Phones
  • Remote configuration of modem
  • User configurable alarms/alerts sent via SMS text and/or E-mail
  • Unlimited users for each specific project
  • Supports 15 minute TWA
  • Each modem can support multiple instruments
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Faster response to action levels
  • Instant sharing of data to multiple users
  • Frees up personnel for other tasks
  • Single source of data from multiple meters and sensors
  • Compatible with most environmental monitoring instruments
  • Simple set-up and mobilization
  • Access real time data from anywhere internet service is avaliable
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