Global SS505 Discrete Stormwater Sampler

Global SS505 Discrete Stormwater Sampler

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Global Water's SS505 Stormwater Sampler is designed specifically to meet federal and state storm water sampling requirements. The Stormwater Sampler takes a discrete sample, filling the one liter sample bottle, based on rainfall and/or water level. The SS505 can be easily installed and set up in any storm water channel to take and store water samples during a storm event.

The Global Stormwater Sampler consists of a rugged, rainproof, and lockable carrying enclosure. Inside the enclosure is a 1.0 liter polyethylene sample bottle, a peristaltic sampling pump, a logic timer/controller, and a rechargeable 5 Ah gel cell battery. Also provided is the auto-drain rain gauge, sampler pickup hose and a battery charger. Everything you need is provided for a successful sampling program. Electronic circuits are fully encapsulated in epoxy, which eliminates failure due to moisture.

The SS505 Stormwater Sampler also includes two water sensors. One water sensor can be used with the included auto-drain rain gauge to sample at a specified rainfall total. The other sensor can be used to start the sampler when water flow through a channel reaches a specific point or height in the channel. The sampler can be configured so either or both sensors will start the sampler.

The auto-drain rain gauge drains the water in the rain gauge every 24 hours so that sampling is based on daily rainfall.

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