Air Velocity Meter - TSI 9565- Repl Model 8385/8386/9555

Air Velocity Meter - TSI 9565- Repl Model 8385/8386/9555

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The VelociCalc® Multi-Function Ventilation Meter 9565 features a menu-driven user interface for easy operation in your local language. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through instrument setup, operation and field calibration.

The 9565 also features an ergonomic, over-molded case design with probe holder and a keypad lockout to prevent tampering during unattended use. The 9565 model includes the Straight Air Velocity Probe 964 and is designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes.


Straight Air Velocity Probe 964 measure air velocity, temperature and relative humidity

Includes differential pressure sensor

Best-in-class air velocity accuracy

Optional “smart” plug-in probes, including VOC, CO2, and rotating vane probes

Accommodates up to two K-alloy thermocouples

Large graphic display

Displays up to five measurements simultaneously

On-screen messages and instructions

Program for local language

Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and setup

Multiple data logging formats

Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling

Includes TrakPro™ and LogDat2™ downloading software with USB cable


HVAC testing and balancing

Clean room testing

Biological safety cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing

HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting

IAQ investigations

Thermal comfort studies

Ventilation evaluations

Process air flow testing

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