Environmental and Safety Surcharge (ESS)

June, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Pine has always strived to provide its customers with the highest quality of products and services. In April, Pine implemented a decontamination fee of $10 per rental item, in order to defray some of the direct costs associated with our extraordinary Enhanced Equipment Receiving and Decontamination Protocol. At this time, Pine has made the decision to reduce the costs being charged to its customers. Pine has a better understanding of the overall costs to provide this level of service and will absorb the balance of the costs. The charge will now be combined with several operating expenses that impact our rental rates, ancillary charges, and fees within our organization. Please refer to the information below to help you understand the charges you will see on your invoice(s) starting July 1, 2020.

The Environmental and Safety Surcharge (“ESS”) is a recurring surcharge that is not a tax, surcharge, or fee mandated by or remitted to any governmental or regulatory agency. The ESS is a nominal surcharge intended to help Pine partially recover both direct and indirect costs associated with the rental services (i.e. recycling fees), courier services (i.e. fuel surcharge/tolls) and decontamination of our products and facilities nationwide in an environmentally maintainable manner (i.e. Enhanced Equipment Receiving and Decontamination Protocol). The ESS of $10 will be applied to every order and is subject to change at any time at Pines’ discretion. Pine will notify its customers in advance of any future changes. Please note that the ESS will be noted at the bottom of your invoice(s) moving forward. If you have a recurring monthly rental order, the surcharge will only be applied to the first initial invoice. On behalf of the Pine team, we would like to thank all of our customers for their valued business and support through the years!

Pine Environmental Services, LLC

Who We Are

Pine is the leading provider of rental equipment in the nation for Environmental Monitoring Equipment, Sampling and Safety Supplies, Non-Destructive Testing and Visual Inspection Instruments, as well as Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) Equipment and EPA Protocol Gases.

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Our Initiatives

At Pine we are committed to protecting the community and environment that we share by implementing high environmental standards in our workplace and striving to create a better place to live with help from the equipment and services that we provide.

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