CEMs Field Installation

Pine’s CEMS Center of Excellence can provide our customers with custom temporary CEMS setups for a wide range of field applications. There are several reasons for a temporary CEMS installation, such as:

  • The current CEMS is unreliable or not operational
  • The process is new and in the startup phase
  • The permanent CEMS has not been installed yet or the new equipment has been ordered but has not arrived yet
  • The project is temporary, such as in diagnostic applications or research and design
  • The current CEMS is scheduled to go through the annual Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) and needs to be tested against another system

Not only do the technicians at Pine have numerous years of experience providing custom CEMS solutions, but they are also well equipped to provide all of the components necessary for a system, from probe tips to data acquisition and everything in between. Just explain your process and we’ll design or suggest a method for the sample extraction and analysis (systems can even be programmed to run calibration gasses on a set schedule to check performance and generate a report.). You then can set the systems up yourself or have an experienced Pine technician come to your site and install the system in your permanent rack system, or rent a mobile lab trailer with an HVAC system.

Contact Pine if your current CEMS needs to be evaluated and an experienced Pine technician can come to your site and assess it for you. Or, if you want to update your CEMS with newer technology, we can help you with that also.