Ion Science PhoCheck GasCheck 5000 IS PID
Ion Science PhoCheck GasCheck 5000 IS PID
ION Science

Ion Science PhoCheck GasCheck 5000 IS PID

Pine Item #51255

The GasCheck 5000 is conveniently calibrated against helium - the most commonly used tracer gas - and is particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, hydrogen, SF6 and refrigerants.

Leak detection is made easy thanks to the instrument's loud audible alarm and flashing LED, leaving the user in no doubt that a leak has been detected.  The advanced leak detector with download capability for easy data analysis.


A choice of readout units ppm or ml/sec

Adjustable alarm level

Data logging with a date and time stamp

Download capability for easy data analysis


Emergency Response

Environmental Cleanups and Remediation

Leak Detection

Hazmat Reponse

Worker Exposure

Venue Protection

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Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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Technical Specifications

DetectorMicro thermal conductivity detector
OperationBattery Type: 4 x alkaline AA size
Sensitivity (cc/sec)He 2x10(-5) CH4 1x10(-4) R1 1x10(-4) Ar 2 x10(-4)
Accuracy± 5% Displayed reading ± One digit
Data Logging36000 data points with date and time stamp
TemperatureOperating: -20 to +60 °C -4 to 140 °F
Flow Rate2 ml/min or 2 cc/ min (with outer probe removed)
ResponseT90 = 1 second rise and clear down
AlarmFlashing LED and 90 dBA (10 cm) audible sounder
Dimensions: Instrument with probeUS: 15.5 x 2.3" x 1.9" Metric: 390 mm x 60 mm x 49 mm
Dimensions: CaseUS: 16.5 x 12.\" x 3.8" Metric: 420 mm x 320 mm x 97 mm
Weight: Instrument with probeUS: 3.5 lb Metric: 1.6 kg
Weight: CaseUS: 1 lb Metric: 0.45 kg

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