Drager Short-term Tubes
Drager Short-term Tubes
Drager Short-term Tubes

Drager Short-term Tubes

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For spot measurement more than 500 different gases can be detected. The measurement usually takes between 5 seconds and 15 minutes. Furthermore, the easy-to-use Dräger-Tubes have already been calibrated and form a complementary unit with the Dräger-Tube pumps.

The Dräger Short-term Tubes are used either manually with the Dräger-Tube pump accuro or automatically with the Dräger X-act 5000. The results can then be read directly at the end of the measurement process.

A large number of different gases and vapors can be measured by the Dräger Short-term Tubes. These tubes are used e.g. for the determination of concentration peaks, the measurement of exposures in the inhalation area, the determination of possible leakages as well as for the analysis of air in sewers, shafts, tanks or other confined spaces.air examinations at the workplace in the range of legal limit values.


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