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Our Product Range

    • CEMS & Protocol Gas

      The Chicago “CEMS Center of Excellence” is proud to offer a comprehensive fleet of source emission analyzers, ambient air monitoring equipment, and EPA protocol gases. The facility is manned by our highly-skilled teams of technicians with over 40 years of combined experience working in the CEMS industry. The…

    • Environmental Monitoring

      Pine is the leading provider of environmental equipment in the nation. We carry a large inventory of rental equipment that is readily available in our warehouse at all times, including analyzers, detectors, monitors and samplers for a wide variety of environmental applications. Customers also rely upon us for our…

    • Health & Safety

      Pine provides our customers with the Health & Safety products designed to protect personnel in the field and in the workplace. We offer analyzers, detectors, monitors and samplers used by industrial hygienists and occupational health and safety personnel when measuring potentially harmful conditions that may…

    • Motorized Rentals

      Whether your job takes you off the road or on the water, Pine carries a wide selection of motorized vehicles to get you there.

    • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

      Pine offers the most comprehensive fleet of materials testing instruments in the industry. We specialize in carrying Non-Destructive Testing equipment for applications used in science and industry; ultrasonic testing, electromagnetic testing, material hardness analyzers, and XRF/OES (PMI) instruments for evaluating…

    • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

      Pine offers a comprehensive fleet of remote visual inspection instruments. We specialize in carrying a wide range of high-speed imaging cameras, industrial inspection equipment, pipe and tube inspection units, as well as thermal imaging equipment.  When performing plant maintenance or periodic preventive…