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Pine’s RPP agreement offers you and your company financial protection should an instrument get stolen or is involved in any incidental or accidental damage during the rental period.

The RPP is not an insurance policy, but a method by which your financial obligation to repair or replace an instrument is greatly reduced. This is an added benefit that Pine offers to our customers to ensure peace of mind when on the job site.

If you do not have your own insurance we are happy to provide coverage via our Rental Protection Plan (RPP).

Rental Protection Plan (RPP)

1. Damage Protection

  • RPP covers 50% or 70% of required repairs due to accidental or incidental damage to equipment.
  • Damage resulting from abuse or misuse is not covered - abuse or misuse is defined as equipment used in an application it was not designed for or an application that exceedsthe manufacturers’ specifications.

2. Rental Liability

  • Significantly reduces your liability for damaged or stolen equipment.

3. Theft Protection

  • You are only responsible for 30% or 50% of the replacement cost depending on protection level selected.
  • A police report must be filed and notification given to Pine within 48 hrs of the customer being made aware of stolen equipment. If a police report is not provided, the customer is fully liable for the entire cost of replacement.
  • In the event that the stolen equipment is recovered, Pine will retain ownership.