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Ideally suited for commercial, industrial, public safety and defense applications, the Guardian™ S robot delivers extended run times and long-range wireless operations, making inspections and remote surveillance more safe and effective than ever before.



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SARCOS Guardian-S Magnetic Robotic Crawler System
SARCOS Guardian-S Magnetic Robotic Crawler System

A premier surveillance and inspection tool, the Guardian™ S magnetic robotic crawler is uniquely capable, cost-effective and man-portable, weighing approximately 16 lbs. The robot can reliably traverse challenging terrain and facilitate two-way, real-time video, voice and data communication, all from a safe distance. In the context of inspecting operational facilities and equipment, robotic technology can be looked at as an element of digitally transforming the asset management process.  While there is a lot of technology that is involved in such a transformation, robotics in the inspection process can provide a direct digital link to the physical asset. Various studies at IDC have found that transforming the asset management process can yield significant improvements in key areas such as: 20% improvements in asset uptime, 15%-20% reductions in maintenance labor costs, and 8%-10% improvements in mechanical efficiencies.  Again, while the use of robotics is only one part of a transformation effort, the technology has a role and will yield tangible value for the operation.